planWhat is Your Tatamagouche?

The Village of Tatamagouche is a vibrant rural community within the North Shore of Nova Scotia. During a time where rural decline is rapid, the community continues to see growth. Tatamagouche is home to a prospering main street, an abundance of tourist attractions and recreation amenities.

In efforts to maintain healthy growth within the village, The Municipality of Colchester will be undergoing a review of the current Municipal Planning Strategy and Land-Use Bylaw for the area. This will be done through a process that will involve collaboration between residents, business owners, other stakeholders, and the municipality.

Your Tatamagouche will follow a holistic approach to community planning which will consider opportunities and challenges within the village considering topics such as housing, healthy communities, Main Street, environmental assets, and the economy. The plan will guide all future development within the village. What inspired this name? You, the people of Tatamagouche! We want this plan to be a reflection of the community and what residents, business owners and other stakeholders need and value How do you imagine Your Tatamagouche? We would love to hear!